Tuesday, July 7, 2020
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Hundreds of Scientists Warn COVID-19 Is Airborne, And WHO Needs to Act

As countries ease their lockdowns, authorities need to recognize the coronavirus can spread through the air far beyond the two meters (six feet)...

PPP loans: Billionaire West Virginia Governor’s family companies got millions in government money

Subscribe to Bull Sheet for no-nonsense daily analysis on what’s happening in the markets, delivered free to your inbox. Billionaire West Virginia Gov. Jim...

Investors Start to Ask: What if Biden Becomes President?

After months of fixating on the pandemic, Wall Street has something new to worry about: a possible Biden presidency. With the latest polls suggesting...

Louis Bacon’s Moore Capital to seed equities hedge fund with $1bn

Louis Bacon, the billionaire founder of hedge fund manager Moore Capital who last year announced he would return money to outside investors, is...
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