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weight loss takes time (A Harsh Reality) : loseit

Ah yes you scroll past it everyday. A celebrity, an infomercial, and even doctors on tv talking about the quickest way to lose weight. With so many people trying to figure out how to drop pounds fast, promising if you have this tea or this machine or diet will do it, it makes you wonder when I do it, why doesn’t it work? Well here’s the harsh reality. Weight loss takes time.

First off I know how hard it is to see someone say I went on this diet and it worked for me and then try it yourself and not work at all. The fact of the matter is we all have different bodies. It sucks when you don’t lose the weight as fast as you want to. As I have begun to do more research I found that these people that do it this way aren’t having a lifestyle change but a momentary change. Right now in our current situation you may find it easier than ever to workout. you have more time it’s easier to do it. And Yeah that’s true but is it sustainable? It’s a very important thing I have been asking myself lately. Sure right now I can exercise for an hour but what about when life starts again will I be able to then? And the answer more than likely is no. With that in mind I have tried to make an exercise schedule that I know I will be able to incorporate into my daily life when it starts again.

Second you never lose the weight where you want to the most first. Harsh right but a very unfortunate fact. As someone who is on those last ten pounds of fat, I researched how to lose belly fat and the results I got were far from what I wanted. Belly fat is generally the last thing to go. I know I have to keep going in order to see that belly fat disappear. Of course I didn’t always know this so I would often give up when not seeing the results I wanted. I now try to look for the small result like my collar bone is showing, I’m getting through the workout easier. Things like that are the ones you should pay attention to although that is of course easier said than done. Being hard on yourself does no good for you or your body so take a minute to appreciate the journey because weight loss in those areas especially like to take their time.

Third there is no shame in wanting things to go faster. In a society that puts a focus on time is money. It can be easy to want things to go quicker than they will actually happen. I hate the fact that it will probably take me at least two months for these stubborn fats to go away. But I am slowly learning that the less I pay attention to it the quicker it seems to happen. I have been trying to shift my attention to focus on the workouts of that day rather than the tommorows and the months ahead. I have found this slight alteration in thought has been the most helpful. And I have been able to do some form of exercise almost everyday for the last almost two weeks.

Fourth there is power doing the exercise that YOU like. That’s right I know that almost all of you have tried that thing the celebrities are doing or your friend and coworkers are doing. This includes me as well trying the latest fad and hating every minute of it of course some of you may have found something you like though your friend and that’s great! But for the rest of us too often we wound up quitting because we can’t stand it anymore and have no motivation to do it because we dread it. I find that I dread doing jumping exercise because I hear my ankles click in out of their sockets and it hurts. So this time around I found a low impact hiit that I enjoy. It’s still hard. I’m still sweating but I actually look forward to doing it. Similarly I find I really enjoy strength exercise which is actually a great way to lose weight and combining with cardio can really help your weight loss. Don’t underestimate the power of loving the exercise you do. Weight loss isn’t a one fits all program and it’s important you find the instructor and workout you enjoy. So people like being screamed at others like little to no talking find the people that work for you. A personal favorite of mine has been xhit and madfit both speak a little bit but not so much that you think are you ever gonna stop talking.

And lastly a weight loss journey should be a lifestyle change and lifestyle change start small. Maybe it that soda you have everyday or that coffee maybe a unhealthy snack. What ever looks like for you start by cutting back little by little, maybe it’s not food, maybe it’s time on your phone (which I am totally guilty) of that distracts you from working out. Whatever it is, start with the small things and work your way up to the big things. It can be easy when you First start to say I’m gonna cut out sugar and caffeine and bread and yat yat yat. But if you step back it’s Important to ask that question. Is it sustainable sure but generally only for a week or so maybe you make it a great month! But what happens when you alup up? It’s bound to happen whether we like it or not but when you slowly change things and make habits it’s easier to pull yourself out of the ditch. Habits just like weight loss take time and by starting small you allow more grace for yourself. As you move into the big things your gonna slip up. There are so many tempting things out there and that unfortunately just reality. And when you eventually do it’s important to not be harsh on yourself and hopefully you will have those sustainable small habits you built up to help catch you when you fall.

So this has been my mini ted talk. I hope you all are staying safe and healthy. Remember don’t be too harsh on yourself and that when you slip up it’s okay. You will always be your harshest critic, but keep in mind that change takes time and try to keep your focus on the journey of becoming a better you rather than the distant future. Because the future you imagine will always be so much better when it’s a reality.

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